What started it all...

Nine years ago I started martial arts at age five. I was following in the footsteps of my mom who is a 4th-degree black belt. It has always been my dream to become a champion like she was. I started my journey as soon as I was able to attend my first karate class.

Where I'm headed

I started as a white belt but quickly made my way to black belt. Once I got my black belt I wanted to quit and move on to gymnastics. At first, I kept going to classes and was on the verge of quitting until I experienced my first karate competition. I saw how amazing all of the competitors were and wanted to be just like them. I decided to continue on the path of martial arts and earned my second-degree black belt. I told my mom I wanted to compete and she said I would have to prove it. In order to prove it, I joined my school’s competition team and I started going to karate six days a week. I started competing the following year.

My Competitive Journey

After I started to go to a few competitions, I started to train with Jeremiah Miller, a world champion. He taught me my traditional form and helped me with my technique. In order to become a better competitor, I need to compete in more competitions. That means traveling all around the United States. Please help me accomplish my goal of becoming a champion.

Help me accomplish my goal of becoming world champion